Hive Wien – Vienna, Austria

The most important new element of the project is the box: a shipping container, which has been prepared to receive a maximum of 10 listeners at a time. Its green color makes the box stand out distinctly from its surroundings. The tuning tube is on top of the box. It is mounted on a specially designed acoustical structure consisting of a barrier with two swiveling reflectors by means of which the acoustical coupling of the tube can be modified. Input that is too powerful can be screened out, source sounds redirected, and feedback controlled.

Visitors enter the actual listening room through a small antechamber, where they remove their shoes. The interior is fitted out like a “chillout room” with soft carpeting on the floor and on the walls, cube-shaped seats and dim lighting. A video screen shows real-time images from the tuning tube while an oscilloscope screen graphically displays the sound waves. The exterior world can be dimly seen through a small tinted glass window. A “Memory-Station” documents previous sites with an archive of recordings, available over earphones.