Fellowship Foundation Sacatar

2017 – Itaparica, Brazil

2017 Sacatar Residency Fellows Announced

Itaparica, Bahia & Pasadena, California (September 01, 2017)
Continuing the established tradition of quarterly announcements of the award of Sacatar Fellowships for creative individuals from around the world, Sacatar is honored to share the names of the six selected Sacatar Fellows who will participate in an eight- week residency session at the Instituto Sacatar on the Island of Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil from October 2 to November 27, 2017:

Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger USA / Germany Sound Art (Invited Artists) Gleb Skubachevskiy Russia Visual Art (Winzavod Partnership) Joseph Cavalieri USA Visual Art (Returning Fellow – 2011) Mauricio Adinolfi Brazil Visual Art / Sculpture (Sacatar Selection Process) Pedro Henrique Lemes da Silva Brazil Visual Art (Sacatar Selection Process)

After almost 30 years of working together (The first O+A project/piece was 1989) we had been watching out for a fellowship which pays us time for working on our materials, getting it in order for a catalogue and some exhibitions. And in order to deepen our artistic research in non urban spaces.

The Fellowship Sacatar in Brazil came up, we applied for it and so it happened that we are in Brazil from October 16 – November 27.

In 2004 with an upcoming new type of digital recorders. Meaning, recorders without moving parts – no tape, we could start to experiment with synced binaural recordings, mainly in urban environments. The first piece which evolved out of this new way of experimenting was “my eyes my ears”. It premiered at the “Ear to the Earth” Festival in New York in 2009.

During our time in Itaparica, we will work through our recording collection of 4 years, mainly done in cities all over the world like Mexico City, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, New York, etc. Having a total different environment around us – an almost dented island – and by getting to know it’s surroundings, its fauna and flora, we will experiment with nature interfaces”, study non urban environments with 4 ears recordings and try to interact with the very musical culture in Salvador de Bahia.