DUSP – MIT Media Lab

Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) Faculty Forum

Art in Action: How Artistic Projects Inspire New Perspectives in Planning

In planning, how often do we consider art-related views on urban space?  What are the ways that artists help us relate to and understand public space?  Can art foster public interaction and communication? 

In this session, we will focus on art about public space instead of art in public space. We will showcase two positions of individual artists who focus on the use and understanding of public space and the social impacts of art.


Richard The: Richard is a media artist and interaction designer working at the MIT Media Lab and as part of the design studio The Green Eyl in Berlin. In his talk, he will discuss his approaches to design for new social interactions and situations in public space.

O+A: The two composers and sound artists Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland focus on the sonic space of the city. In their large-scale installations, they investigate the relationship between architecture, sound and perception. Currently they focus on issues related to the “sonic commons”.

Moderated by Dietmar Offenhuber